Question about disqus module.

Jul 22, 2012 at 9:11 AM

If we have a bunch of sites in our dnn install, in order to use this module on each site, will they need to register their site individually for each site or is it ok if the host user will register the main site once and its ready to be used on any portals hosted by site. How about sub domains/child portals if they would like to add dnndisqus module on their page do they also need register each time. Please let me know.

One more time i will try to explain:

Lets say we have a bunch of portals on our dnninstall


and so on.


If we would like to use dnndisqus on myclient1 on multiple pages do we need to register for each page and each client?

What about child portals do we also need to register in a similar way.

Hope it makes sense. 

Please let us know.